Business Matchmaking event / Networking

The SCG networking event is a quick and easy way to meet potential cooperation partners, key industry leaders in the Ghanaian and Slovakian markets. Based on the profiles that participants request and are looking to offer, prearranged meetings are scheduled to bring together participants according to the needs of each other’s expertise. This ensures attendees a valuable time spent. The community matches attendees to the right people.

Culture Integration or Diversity Day

The Diversity Day is geared towards culture integration among business leaders, upcoming entrepreneurs, students and government leaders. Slovakian, Ghanaian, European and African cuisine, music and dance, art, dramas, clothing and many more would be displayed to educate on the rich culture of the individual countries. The objective of the Diversity Day is to educate the millennials about history in a more interactive festival.


The SCG EduFair is an opportunity for young Ghanaians and Slovakians looking to study abroad for an undergraduate degree, exchange program, gap year (intern in Slovakia/Ghana), Masters and PhD. During the EduFair, various universities in Slovakia and Ghana would be presented to interested participants. Participants will be introduced to the different types of scholarship schemes and student support systems for study abroad programs of all fields.